360 Model

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We have created a 360 business acceleration model that is made up of three phases. First is the Structuring phase, where through a market analysis we evaluate your product / service with respect to the behavior of the North American consumer.

The second phase is The Operation; your product / service is exhibited in our B2B Marketplace for North American consumption and the third phase is the Financing phase, where a fund investment boosts Bosanet’s businesses.

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Phase 1


  • 01. Global context review
  • 02. Market strategies in the United States.
  • 03. Thinking about sales, sales channel strategy.
  • 04. Quick financial analysis.
context review
We developed a sales plan and an estimated revenue plan for the next 365 days.
Phase 2


  • 01. Bosanet certification seal.
  • 02. Display and sales in the Marketplace.
Your product or service in our Marketplace to generate sales 24/7 and develop markets in the United States.
Phase 3


  • 01. International Factoring.
  • 02. Financing.
Recibe inversión
Contamos con el soporte financiero de Bosa Investments, el fondo de inversión que financia a través de factoring internacional.
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Additional Information


Phase 1

is optional

Our recommendation is to go through Phase 1, Structuring, because it guarantees that you are ready to sell in the United States. Additionally, going through this phase will bring you some visibility benefits in our VIP area of the Marketplace.


Your business viability

There is a possibility that your product/service after phase 1, Structuring, will be “not viable“. Consider it a warning in time, which will prevent you from wasting time and money. And look for another product/service to export to the United States.


General Requirements

The analysis of the consumer behavior of your category in the United States (Phase 1) is up to you. From our experience, we recommend going through Phase 1 to decrease the probability of error, however, if you feel you are ready to sell in the US, go ahead, this is the big opportunity!

The 360 experience

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