We connect companies in the world with the United States


We take your brand to the United States through our 360 Model that consists of 3 steps

We guide companies around the world to sell in the United States.
We do the largest number of B2B digital transactions between companies in the world and the US.
We develop the best model generating working capital (WK) for businesses to never stop.

     About Us.    

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We want to help you conquer the North American market!

We are the most reliable and efficient B2B platform in the world, that takes you by the hand to conquer the North American market with your products and/or services.
For your absolute security, we have technology, payment gateway and North American investment funds.

We have been developing markets around the world in the United States for 20 years. We know and have witnessed the needs of the businessman at the time of exporting. Technology and innovation have been our greatest allies.

Your business on the world’s largest and most efficient B2B Marketplace

Don’t miss the opportunity to sell your brand in the most desirable market in the world, the United States.

Be part of the most select B2B Marketplace. Don’t be left out.

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How to sell on Bosanet?

Sign up
Once you are part of the Bosanet community, it will be easier to know the characteristics of your product to guide you in an assertive way.
Start Phase 1
This is optional. A structuring phase in which we analyze the behavior of your category consumption in the United States.
Start selling
Quick, easy, and safe. We have the B2B Marketplace whose payment, technology, and information platform is North American.