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We have 20 years of experience doing business between Latin America and the United States. This gives us the authority to create the 360 ​​Model, a 100% digital initiative that makes it possible to bring products and services to the most powerful market on the planet.

The 360 ​​Model is made from a very specific planning with the first phase, THE STRUCTURING of the business, which we develop in 4 weeks.
The connoisseur of the product or service is the entrepreneur. Bosanet knows how the United States market works and through which distribution channel the sale will be successful.

The second phase, THE OPERATION, we have all the distribution channels, especially the digital channel, E-commerce, the post-pandemic mega trend.

There is a third phase that closes the 360 ​​circumference and boosts exports. At Bosanet we have FINANCING so that business is real and can be carried out through investors or funders. Bosa Investments is the financial company that will help you conquer the North American market.

We study the viability of the business in North America, and we generate sales opportunities in a short time.
Your products, services, and projects will be presented to qualified investors who believe in the success of your idea.
Bolsanet can operate and sell for you, becoming your commercial department in the most convenient market for your business / service.

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Bosanet is a business acceleration model that structures, operates, and finances your business with the goal of achieving sales in North America.

This business model has been created with 20 years of experience in expanding markets within North America as well as creating new ones from Latin-American to North America.

Bosanet operates with a digital business platform that specializes in putting businessmen and entrepreneurs in contact with buyers and investors.

Additionally, in Bosanet structures market campaigns that enable real estate developers access loans or investments in North America.

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The most innovative digital platform for international trade

+ 20 years of experience with international markets


360 results methodology

We have brought investment for projects for more than $ 100 million USD

We have directly financed projects for more than $ 20 million USD


Points of sale reached

+ de 56.653

Allied companies

+ de 200

Containers imported into the USA

+ de 13.000

We develop markets in the USA

+ de 20

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