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We turn into a reality the export of your products to the largest market in the Americas: The United States

Join our B2B platform and connect with a large community that generates business without limits, in a reliable, easy and dynamic way.

Access a variety of North American buyers in the Food and Furniture Industry



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Through technology and innovation, we make the dream of entering the North American market a reality for EVERYONE

Connect your business with North American buyers

We are an easy-to-manage B2B Marketplace that allows you to generate an exponential projection of your sales.

Through technology and innovation, we make the dream of conquering the North American market for everyone. We have 20 years of experience developing markets in the United States.

If you are interested in exports, we welcome you on board.

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Exporting with Bosanet is as simple as 1,2,3!

Explore here the step by step to join Bosanet B2B Marketplace

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Start with one click

• Register and become part of our community. You will have the full support of Bosanet.

• You’ll find everything you need to boost your business, achieve sales, and track your negotiations with the US.

• Export safely, with fewer intermediaries, and optimize your resources.

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Get ready and increase your sales.

•Review your checklist of essential requirements to export to the US, and determine the status of your products.

•If you have requirements to resolve, at Bosanet B2B Marketplace we have all the services for you to list your products.

•If you have discovered that you are ready to export; but want to enhance your process, we have more services to make your exports dynamic and competitive.

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This is the moment to sell

•Once you are ready and published in our Marketplace, Bosanet brings you the buyers in your industry to negotiate without limits.

• If you need assistance or you want to boost your sales, it is always possible to use our services for research, logistics, export, and marketing requirements.

We have launched these categories in the US in the last months


1272 North American buyers as connections.


20 of the most powerful North American food buyers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the right answers to frequently asked questions.

Bosanet is technology and international trade. We developed a B2B Marketplace to connect Latin American entrepreneurs with medium and large North American distributors so that foreign trade businesses can be generated within our B2B Marketplace in an agile and effective manner.

Yes, it is. With Bosanet you sign an agreement to protect your business and the absolute confidentiality of the information you provide.

No, Bosanet connects Sellers and Buyers through our B2B Marketplace Platform.

Yes, Bosanet is an extension of the manufacturer, creating a partnership between Sellers and Buyers through our B2B Marketplace Platform.

We have a commercial team always available. You can contact us through a phone call at +1 9548606465, on WhatsApp to the same number, schedule a video call by emailing, or send us a message through our contact box on our website.

Bosanet Marketplace provides visibility to all Sellers terms and conditions.

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